Global Business Solutions

Working with foreign suppliers can be daunting for many companies. Time differences, language and cultural barriers are some of the most common challenges that companies might face.

Kinara International will act as your office on the ground. We will work with you to understand your business requirements, your distribution network(s) and warehousing needs, and architect modular and scalable solutions to allow you to grow your business from the ground up.

The Kinara advantage is our strong global supply chain network - a series of world-class logistics providers allowing us to seamlessly interact in almost any geographical region in the world. Moreover, we can help to navigate through customs requirements in China and in your destination sea or air port.

Product Development

We love bringing concepts to life. Kinara International specializes in product design, build optimization, sample testing and production. Our design team loves challenges and have worked with clients from a variety of industries to conceptualize and architect new products, and improve existing product lines. Importantly, our team will work with our logistics division to come up with products that are streamlined for global transport, resulting in considerable cost savings.

Quality Control

Any product is only as good as how well it’s built. We take quality control very seriously. Every consignment of goods that we work with is checked and tested in a multi-step process to ensure that goods leaving suppliers are excellent condition. We will take precautions with packaging as well so you receive your goods safely and in sound condition.

Strategic Sourcing

Our strength lies in relationships - with our customers and with some of the best-in-class manufacturing facilities in Mainland China. In over ten years of business, we have amassed an impressive rolodex of manufacturers across China, and built some amazing relationships.

We understand how manufacturing works in China, what drives business decisions for manufacturers and what keeps them up at night. Armed with this experience, we are very confident in our ability to whittle down supplier lists and shortlist, on behalf of our clients, the suppliers that make the most sense for them.

For every supplier that we shortlist or intend to work with, we conduct a series of audits to ensure production ability, demand fulfillment capacity, and social and environmental responsibility amongst a long checklist.