About Us

Who We Are!

Doing business with partners halfway across the globe isn’t easy. Our goal is to seamlessly overcome these language and cultural barriers to provide fully customized, cost-saving solutions for the success of your organization. We are a China-based Business Solutions provider focused on global supply chain solutions, strategic sourcing, quality control and export management. We have been in China for over ten years and have built a reliable network of best-in-class suppliers who are primed to work with us regardless of project size.


Meet our Team

Nari Dadlani

Nari is Kinara International’s CEO and CFO. He brings over 30 years of experience to the organization from over 10 different industries.

Fun fact: Nari can navigate the backwaters of the Niger Delta with his eyes closed!


Mo Mukri

Mo wears a bunch of different hats in the organization - the most prominent one being Global Business Development. He brings to the team solid experience in working with some of the top organizations in the world.

Fun fact: Mo can speak four languages fluently.


Heidi Yeung

Heidi manages Global Operations, specifically focusing on markets in the Americas. Like the rest of the team, Heidi is multi-faceted and is a powerhouse of international corporate experience.

Fun fact: Heidi would wrestle a crocodile rather than face a bug!


Sid Dadlani

Sid looks after our clientele based in the EMEA region. He is also our logistics and supply chain guru, with complex global projects under his belt.

Fun fact: Sid served under Her Majesty’s Royal Army and achieved the rank of Captain.


Mary Yin

Mary is our Head of Product Development for our Plastics Division, looking after an interesting portfolio of products that are literally evolving daily.

Fun fact: Mary is a musical diva, and can belt out tunes with the best of them!