Why choose Kinara International?

Kinara International brings over 14 years of experience in China to the table. In this time, we have built a rolodex of best-in-class manufacturers who are reliable both in producing quality product, but also adhering to timelines. Our white-glove service to all our clients, no matter how small, is the ethos of our company. Our belief is that our success lies in the success of our clients, and we give every project our all.

What do you need from your clients to get a quote?

We will need as many details as possible from you so we can provide an accurate quote. Here are the most common details that we are looking for: 1. Product specifics, including dimensions, colours and branding requirements. Pictures are especially useful at this stage. 2. The quantity of items. 3. Requested delivery timelines.

How long is production time?

Not every project is the same, especially if you are looking for a bespoke product made to fit your requirements. Most professional manufacturing facilities in China will quote 35 to 45 days for production, depending on the size of the order, complexity of manufacturing and seasonality. Throughout the process, we will provide quality control to ensure that the goods meet your specification.

How do I receive my goods?

We are able to ship goods to any part of the world and can provide you door-to-door shipment facilities for your products. We work with a number of trusted global logistics providers and are able to customize logistic solutions as per your requirements. We pay special attention to global customs regulations, relevant documentation and duty filings and are happy to provide suggestions on cost-savings for your shipping.

What documents do I need to enter China?

Most visitors to China will need a visa on a valid passport to enter the country. Note that Hong Kong and Macau are considered Special Administrative Regions and have independent entry requirements, from China, into their territories. Our advice is to contact your local Chinese Consulate or Embassy to find out the requirements for visa application and approval. We are happy to guide and advise through the process.